16 May 2008

of exams and 'maricream'

bonjour monsieur, mademoiselle, madame, or whoever is reading my blog! this particular post shall be rather frantic in half english, half french as i have my french oral exam tomorrow! je aurai mon francais examen demain......blaggghrrr! forget it, i don't even think its gramatically correct............

qu'est qui ne va pas? je mal a la tete......i'm going maaadddd preparing for my upcoming final [important sigh], ninth standard examinations, we have two, or even three papers for most 'matieres' and to top it all, we're being told that our exams will be extremely hard/taxing/ long and that we'll probably flunk/ not finish it/ not 'crack' it! thanks.....that makes us all feel sooooo much better, especially since other kids are yelling their lungs out, shouting and frolicking in my lane, completely enjoying their 'vacances'.

plus, i have to stick around ten million mental notes in my mind so as to remember trivially important 'tips' for every subject * say 'merci' and 'bonjour' as frequently as possible, be as polite as a frenchman during your french orals*

'poissons' are supposed to be good for your brain, right? [fish, i mean!] well, to a certain 'fish-icream' called mari-cream has been invented, which, though doesn't carry a whiff of fish, allegedly carries all the useful proteins and is 'rich in flavour'........the only hitch is....its inventors, scientists of Central Institute of Fisheries Technology [Cift] are still waiting for entrepreneurs
or venture capitalists to buy/fund this project..........so it may take way for this product to actually come out in the market.......its still in the research and development stage of its product life cycle. if and when somebody buys the idea, they'll first have to conduct market research to 'anticipate the needs and wants of their target group in a changing and competitive environment' and before that they'll have to find their target group [fish ice-cream anyone?].....ahhhhh.....there's business studies pouring out of my nostrils [i already have a cold to add to the cream [pun-unintended]]

okay.....i better stop, or i may be asked to calculate the volume of mari-cream in a cone with the radius of........stop! stop!.....or maybe find the volume of it, if its concentration is 0.5 M and it has 10 moles...........okay......i've got to stop.........i'm babbling.....using precious internet time and space. you'll hear from me after my exams and there'll be sensible articles minus the nonsense and frustration...............bye! au revoir! merci de votre gentillesse!

caution: this is a pointless article full of the frustrations of a holiday-straved 14 and 3/4 year old.....read it in exchange of your sanity....

9 May 2008

The Great Divide

okay.....its not what you think from reading the title. It's about the suble [?], underlying [ahem?] politics in my school, which suddenly hits you when you have reached and/or crossed grade eight.
till the seventh standard, you frolic about with your set of 'best friends', weep on the last day of seventh standard on the last, huge '7A' class cake, promise your everlasting friendship, love and unending phone calls to all, and then.....
......you're in the eight......you pay small visits to your ex-classmates [ who have now taken ICSE/ IGCSE] for, about two days.....and then the ego inflates like a large baloon before our bosoms. you start calling your best friends, 'these IC's', or 'those IG's'.

you stop talking to, or even acknowledging each other by some invisible barrier [invisible from the other side of course] as each 'segment' thinks they're being targeted/neglected/ignored by the other.

Facebook groups prop up with 'YAY IG ROCKS' or 'IC BATCH ONLY, WE RULE' and all those asine groups you force people to join and make them part of your IC/IG war.

its not escalated to a really high level in my batch [or maybe it has, but i've not noticed as I acknowledge and receive acknowledgments from everyone I know, whether they're 'IC's' or 'IG's' or even peons].

Anyway, 'subtle bitching' actually, open taunts against each other prop up, or one 'segment' picks on a single child or group from the other. Some keep in touch with their 'other segment' friends but on a superficial, pathetically artificial level.

even during the farewell party we had thrown for the year tenths, the IC's and IG's were setting separately, pretending they never knew the other existed, pretending they had forgotten what wonderful times they'd had together with each other before these divisions came up.

on a large scale, this is exactly how wars take place.....we've divided ourselves.....the world into countries, into races, caste, creed, colour, and these divisions, the ego, lack of respect and logic for other people and their believes lead to war. To top it all, to add to the 'cream' GenNext, who are supposed to be the 'Olympics-torch-hope-flame' for the world are pettily arguing over minor divisions like the of class rooms and exam boards.....

Cheers to all the brilliant 'IG's' and 'IC's', you attend Model United Nations conferences, solve pressing issues, give [farcial] speeches on anti-war and anti-discrimination, while back at home.....hypocrisy.....you make distinctions and divisions amongst your own friends.......