23 Jun 2009

u'll never know

people surprise me....really.....i used to think i'm the only one who's like this.....just like this...[don't ask for descriptions now, u'll get a whole epic] but then i find out 99 other people think along my lines [well almost]. everyone of them has that individuality, that exoticness if i daresay, that spark.....and what can be better, i'll be spending two whole years living with them! no, i'm not off to some reality show, though you could call it a sense of adventure: living far away from home at the MUWCI campus with people you've never even met before.....people i didn't know existed till a week back! now we're on touch through fb, the lifeline, and coming from diverse backgrounds, from different parts of India and the world , its shocking how much we have in common!

i've been warned by people....no drugs, sex, communities [like goth and all i suspect], no drinking, roaming around with people who are a bad influence on you....ya, I KNOW, I KNOW!!! i've been warned by people....life isn't fun and games, you could have continued your IB here, what if you don't like it there, what if we don't like you after you come back, what if you're too independant after you return.....but guys, like Aslan says, " no one ever told us what could have been". no one shows me what will happen with each decision I make, no one shows me the big picture.....it would spoil the fun of the whole thing.....life is unpredictable anyway, it is.....its like, pushing tables away, pushing whole worlds away......for eg, if we had settled in Australia when i was a kid, i'd have not been in HP colony, St. Anthony's, D.A.I.S., or probably even MUWCI, i'd have not met millions of people and even the important ones that changed my life.....but could i have known, would it have made a difference since i didn't know what i'm missing?

its sort of scary, but its like this......every decision you make leads you on to another path, and then another and another and....and you'll never know what COULD HAVE BEEN and you'll never know WHAT WILL BE.....

[everyone says it, not very original, huh?]