23 Mar 2007


This issue has been troubling me for the past few years. In this generation, you're simply not allowed to eat properly or have even a centimeter of flesh around your stomach. If you do, you aren't considered healthy. Nope, you're simply labeled into the group of 'fat hippos' or 'bull-dozers'.

Instead, if you are painfully anorexic, ie, if your ribcage, backbone slump under the weight of hardly any skin to drape it, if your cheeks sink into your face like two craters, *congratulations* you're 'sexy'!

We're only fourteen, not yet crossed our adolescence and here we are, critisizing each other's shape, tell each other to pull down to 'magically morph into a better induvidual'. However, TRY being kind, sweet, understanding, sharp, intelligent, broad-minded and then move on to being'sexy' for the next three fourth of your life. I don't consider being awfully skinny a good quality, nor to I consider having a waist size 30, something to be ashamed of.
I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I'm happy with the way I look, however, many people just can't see me being confindent with myself. If I slim down by 10 kgs, like a few tell me to, then I'll have to go crawling to school. I'll been scrawny and shriveled, worse than a dead plant!

So, my definition of looking good is- smile, maintain a good hygiene, walk confidently and always remember -your thoughts reflect on your face. Like Roald Dahl said in 'The Twits'. -
"If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it gets so ugly you can hardly bear to look at it. A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

Trust yourself and your capabilities. You can look 'sexy' even if you are plump. Because, to look 'sexy' you have to look good and you can look good if you are kind. Or else, no amount of cosmetics can cover your internal ugliness. You are not at a disadvantage if people are slimmer than you, so don't let people make you believe that you are. Most of those 'sexy chicks in school' starve themselves to death to 'maintain themselves'. Don't ever try that!
If Barbie was a real woman, she'd have to walk on her fours, as her body is not proportionate . So, be healthy rather than anorexic. Remember, you're NOT competing with Aishwarya Rai.

Just imagine life without food- bland, boring and bare! Why does everyone earn? To have money for food, to survive. If they don't eat, then whats the point!

13 Mar 2007

A sci-fi poem

this is a sci-fi poem about a molecule of potassium and chlorine, which i wrote a year ago to jazz up my science project. sadly, my teacher didn't understand it!

Young, handsome Potassium and daring, outgoing Chlorine made quite a pair,
Historian and actor respectively, they had lots of love to spare
Once, lady Chlorine, looked quite forlorn,
She wondered that if her success went
Would her love too be gone?

Old lady Zinc put her at ease
She gave her a magical potion
“Put two drops in his tea
and then tadaa!
The magic you will see”
Now before we proceed
Let me make it quite clear
The magic potion, given to chlorine
Was a one every unfaithful romeo fears
Just two drops of this
could spill out secrets…..

So off lady Chlorine went,
to her love’s house
she wondered if he would be,
her suitable spouse
then, slyly she,
put the potion in his tea
and when, the tea he drank
up from his seat he sprang
and confessed his deep love.

“Oh Potash” she gave a cry
"it was I
Who put a potion in your drink
Just to hear, what you think
and now, I’m ready to become
Potassium chloride.
I took this test, only for to see,
If you would really faithful be
And now I know that this is true...."

said potassium gently, " now I give my ‘Electron’, to you."

he loses his electron [heart] to her. potassium's valency is +1 [it loses an electron and thus gets a positive charge, remember?]

1 Mar 2007


I wrote this article around two years ago because I was really angry with those fair and lovely ads and one of my classmates who said, "shut up, i'm an aryan, you're a dravadian. we chased you to south india. i'm far more superior to you because i'm white and you're dark."

when I read my article today, I thought it was really sweet. I liked my strong opinion of things then, which shows that I'm growing up to have a mind of my own. This usually gets me into fights with my dad who thinks I don't listen to or respect of other people's opinions. well, I do listen to, and respect opinions from others, but that doesn't mean I have to agree to what the majority think or what he thinks [ his idea of respecting opinions is agreeing with them]. like I said I have a mind of my own........

My name is Rheaa Rao. I’m an eleven year old girl studying at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. The article you are reading now is not about me. It is about my biggest problem, people differentiating between skin colours. Always favoring the white and pushing the dark skinned to a corner and making them feel humiliated.

All ads about beauty creams have the same irritating, unfair saga. A dark skinned lady applies for the airhostess post, they reject her because she is dark skinned, a few days later she puts a cream and becomes fair, she goes for her job interview and men jump out of their pants of awe and immediately give her a job. Are these ads trying to say that fair is lovely and dark is ugly, aren’t dark people beautiful or handsome, aren’t the fair skinned ugly?

Why are dark-skinned always meant to be felt small, and of a low caste? And why are the white meant to feel big, handsome and superior? Is it because the British who took over us were fair skinned? Is it because the white were the Aryans who overthrew the Dasus or dark skinned people and pushed them to South India? And what are they called now? South Indians. People mimic the way South Indians talk, but I think they speak good English; they only have an accent that’s Indian and that’s perfectly fine. But what about the Americans? They speak terrible English and mispronounce every word because of their scrawny, airy accent. But they aren’t mocked; they are followed just because they are ‘white’.

White means heaven, white is pure, clean, superior and black is shown as dirt, scum, filth, dust, devil. That isn’t fair.
In addition I don’t think that the ads should put wrong things in people’s heads. They show a dark skinned girl as a poor girl, with a sweaty face, and icky oily skin, dirty teeth and grime, they make the audience feel revolted and swear that they will never give a job opportunity to any dark- skinned person. Then comes the magic cream, she undergoes the change; they show her coming as a fair skinned person, with lovely soft pink and white skin and pearly teeth and lovely clothes and dainty heels and a beautiful smile. It makes everyone want to abandon their teddy bear and cuddle her instead. I don’t think creams should be made to make a dark skinned person a white-showy one; they should instead be made to improve the complexion.

We are Indians, come on, we are dark skinned, that’s our original skin colour, we will earn nothing following the West and behaving like them. Development and progress is good, but on the account of totally trying to cut yourself from your roots; forcibly putting on an accent and desperately trying those useless creams to turn 'FAIR AND LOVELY'.

Come on, we have our own riches, our country, our ways of dressing, behaving, talking, reacting, we have our special Indian accent, our own slang, our own unique personality and most of all, our skin colour. I’m dark skinned, but I don’t care, I’m feel beautiful and intelligent and I’m proud to say I’m a South Indian.


Adding to this, look at all the sucessful actors and actresses, Kajol, Bipasha, Rani Mukerjee, Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Johnny Liver, to name a few, who are dark skinned, but very good at their jobs [ and sucessful too]

We're learning 'Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry', by Mildred D. Taylor which talks about a coloured child, Cassie's trials and tribulations in a white dominated society. its a really sad book, with lots of gory scenes and sad truths, taught to tell us spoilt brats how safe and privileged we are in our society compared to the Logans [Cassie and her family].
A must read for all you folks who liked this article.