13 Mar 2007

A sci-fi poem

this is a sci-fi poem about a molecule of potassium and chlorine, which i wrote a year ago to jazz up my science project. sadly, my teacher didn't understand it!

Young, handsome Potassium and daring, outgoing Chlorine made quite a pair,
Historian and actor respectively, they had lots of love to spare
Once, lady Chlorine, looked quite forlorn,
She wondered that if her success went
Would her love too be gone?

Old lady Zinc put her at ease
She gave her a magical potion
“Put two drops in his tea
and then tadaa!
The magic you will see”
Now before we proceed
Let me make it quite clear
The magic potion, given to chlorine
Was a one every unfaithful romeo fears
Just two drops of this
could spill out secrets…..

So off lady Chlorine went,
to her love’s house
she wondered if he would be,
her suitable spouse
then, slyly she,
put the potion in his tea
and when, the tea he drank
up from his seat he sprang
and confessed his deep love.

“Oh Potash” she gave a cry
"it was I
Who put a potion in your drink
Just to hear, what you think
and now, I’m ready to become
Potassium chloride.
I took this test, only for to see,
If you would really faithful be
And now I know that this is true...."

said potassium gently, " now I give my ‘Electron’, to you."

he loses his electron [heart] to her. potassium's valency is +1 [it loses an electron and thus gets a positive charge, remember?]


Aish said...

Nice... though why didn't your teacher understand it??

ServesYouRight said...


Hilarious! What a charming love story - now I know what people say when they're looking for chemistry :-D


NEIL! said...

hi rheaa! ur blog is awesome. u r using the stuff that u nyway make for school, and u r adding more stuff to make it the ideal blog. and the best part is, u r also getting so many readers! congrats!

Brilliance_Personified said...

that is soooooo cool!!!!!! i dont think i wud have though of that! hows ur novel going??? the one about numbers and stuff??? nyway, thanks to you, i too have a blog, www.meisamazing.blogspot.co. i must have already told u

Anonymous said...


That was a great romantic story. Lovology mein pass aur chemistry mein bhi pass.

Anonymous said...

hi rheaa
u rite sooooooo wellllllll
but ur gay