9 Mar 2009


sorry for the lapse.....i was buried with coursework and revision and yes, i did manage to meet and fight all the deadlines [the worst monster in student life. die! die! die!]......ok now that this rate of apologies on my blog i can as well be 'super- excuse woman'....tan-ta-dan!!!!!!

anyway, if you're a Rheaa Rao fan, you'll naturally know about my labrador brother Hari [well, you obviously know, he's 'world famous' in my school]......so Hari will make the saddest, deprived, pinched face you can imagine when you're looking at him and wag his tail [or rather his whole body] when you inch towards him to kiss his hairy forehead. so recently I was wondering how embarrassing it would be if humans had tails.....yup, our pants would have holes in them so our tail can come out, or perhaps we'd hide them....either way, it would be too much of trouble while going to the toilet...but i'm not on about that......imagine......there's this cute guy you have a crush on.....you're standing right in front of him, he's talking to his friends and you're talking to yours and you pretend you don't see him because you don't want to stare and make it too obvious and you don't want to drop any hints before he does...... and then your eyes meet.....and your tail starts wagging [i suspect it has a brain of its own, you can't just control it, like how you can't control blushing, and now it works AGAINST you as an inbuilt lie detector] and then he walks towards you looking past you so nothing's obvious from HIS side, and you pretend to do the same.....but......instead you go beserk.....your whole body wobbles like some sort of violent bout of shivering, and it moves faster and faster as he walks towards you, till you look like your doing this really energetic shimmy your tail toppling over lunch plates, slapping people, sending test papers flying all over the room, showing whatever your face has been trained to hide........