28 Jan 2007

an ad about the effects of drug abuse

We are learning about 'DRUG ABUSE' in school as a part of biology. we were asked to make a small pamphlet on drug abuse. here's the zany ad i wrote. i also stuck a picture of a beam balance saying 'LIFE OR DRUGS- YOU CHOOSE' with 'life' on one balance and 'drugs' on the other. i also included a quote by Charles Munger from 'Poor Charlies Almanac', one of the richest men in the world.

P.S- the final result was a lot more colourful!

Flash backs , Crashes of anxiety , fatigue, depression, aroused sexual activity leading to the risk of Aids and Hepatitis, bad, mood and performance , marital problems, disruption, crimes, violence , threats, debts to cover up illegal acts, loss of control, highway deaths, suicides……………………………………………...

Are entertaining when seen in K serials!

But these same scenes can ruin your life… for if you become a juvenile offender in drug abuse…there’ll be no one to cry at your fate except yourself…

So don’t use your hands to take in drugs…use them to write ‘drug abuse awareness’ pamphlets and discourage other teens to from using drugs instead.

“While susceptibility varies, addiction can happen to any of us through a subtle process where the bonds of degradation are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. And I have yet to meet anyone in over six decades of life, whose life was worsened by fear and avoidance of such a deceptive pathway to destruction.”
- Charles T. Munger
(One of the richest men in the world)

Life without drugs will give you a new ‘high’


David said...

Hi Rheaa!

I mm glad to know your school is teaching you and your classmates about the effects of drug abuse. Drugs are an easy option in many circumstances but they are truly a one way trip to hell. Many people start out on drugs to try and escape from their troubles or to impress their friends, only to find themselves in worse trouble than before with no friends at all. It starts with people abusing drugs and ends with the drugs abusing the people who take them. In fact, drugs just takeover the user's entire life. I loved the Charlie Munger quote - he is a great man and his words of wisdom are invaluable. Keep smiling and keep writing! David

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have seen lives ruined by drugs. Lost very close friends to drugs. Every one needs to be educated about the evils of drugs. Hope and wish more schools take it up actively.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rheaa

I am working for an NGO which is highlighting the issue of drugs in schools and college campus. We plan to post some articles in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rheaa

I am working for an NGO which is highlighting the issue of drugs in schools and college campus. We plan to post some articles in your blog.

Rheaa said...

that'll be great. do send your articles on drug awareness to me and i'll make sure they're published on my blog.

-tolerable, tolkien-like teen

Anonymous said...

Bravo. That was great. I just happened to be surfing the net and came across this piece. I have seen many students who start for the fun and then hopelessly sucked into the whirlpool. Drugs are to be avoided at all cost. Keep up the efort. I would recommend this site to all school and college students who are at an impressionable age.

Rheaa said...

It would be great if recommend my site to teenagers, besides stuff on drug abuse, it also deals with other issue like a complex due to acessive weight in 'you are fat!' and an article about racial discrimination 'FAIR AND LOVELY, DARK AND UGLY?'. I plan to include a few more issues thats teens can relate with. Plus there are an assortment of short stories and poems I've written, which would be enjoyable for those my age and above.

-tolerable, tolkien-like teen

siva said...

Youngsters should avoid the drugs. It will make us a worthless.By creating awareness about drugs in schools and colleges is better solution for this.

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Mariah said...

You write very well.

Dennis Ruth Ulrich Gaston said...

I think that you're views on drug use are extremely conservative. Drugs have a very graphically negative view in a lot of peoples' minds today and any form of extreme thinking causes misinterpretation and is misleading.

Although drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are termed as 'vices' by people with rigid views, I think that as adults, everybody should be given the right to choose whether or not they think they want to use these 'vices'. Since the government has given people the right to choose whether they want to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes, I think it's only fair that they be given the same choice with drugs. I think it's unjust for the government to say that people are 'more likely to get addicted to drugs' because that varies from person to person and whether or not they have the ability to control their intake.

Second of all, I think that to club all drugs together in a general statement like 'Drugs are bad' is silly. Heroin is very different from Cocaine and Cocaine is very different from Marijuana, each having different strengths. It is common knowledge that some of these affect people more adversely than others while a few are as harmless as cigarettes.

Finally, let's look at some numbers. I'm sure you're probably aware of the drug policy in The Netherlands - despite this, the percent of drug users in the 15-24 age bracket there is 9.7% - comparable to the UK (15.8%) and Spain (16.4%), where drugs are illegal.

Instead of battling drugs, people should spend their time fighting the real villain - addictions. Whether they be to food, cigarettes or heroin, all addictions are bad and if you really want to fight for a cause you should go against addictions.

The real choice isn't between life and drugs, it's between controlling your life and letting something else control your life.