29 Dec 2008

RNBDJ and Ghajni

yup! i've seen both the movies and i'm not going to make this review overloaded with purple-rage sarcasm to show off my wit and writing skills like most other critics. ok, so let's start: while rab ne bana di jodi warms your heart, Ghajni makes your head boil!

Rab ne bana di jodi was light hearted, funny, emotional.....like sweet-and-sour chutney, very delectable. of course, you have to be an ardent shah rukh fan to fall for both his characters in the first shot: Suri being a nerd with a samosa for a nose, Raj being extremely annoying and too loud but of course, king khan did a great job in both their skins. Anushka Sharma was fresh, cute and very confident. she glowed on the screen and was a pleasure to watch. i don't know why the critics spoke so little of her. they've got these very strange parameters which frighten me!
of course the movie was complete with its dose of song and dance. however, there were very few characters compared to other yash raj movies which had truckloads of 'punjabi parivars' which was quite a relief. 'Tuj mein rab dikta hain' has been sung so sensitively that it echos true love with every note <3

Ghajni was stuffed with nail-biting violence [yes, i was even biting my toenails during some of the fight sequences!]. it was picturized extremely well, with not one scene being out of place or context. Asin was spunky, lively, with excellent expressions and dialogue delivery not to mention a great wadrobe which made her look even prettier. her character was extremely believable and very easy to fall for. Amir Khan was fantastic as usual, but sort of freaked me out the way he jumped on the villians and growled and grunted at them like an animal. he almost reminded me of Hari, my dog, in his worst mood. it seemed like he beat up everyone he saw throughout the movie! Jiah Khan did her part well, but perhaps people didn't like her because she made the movie longer with all her blondness and hindrance in our hero's plans. Ghajni, the villian, was convincing, but I couldn't help laughing when he kept calling our hero 'short term memory loss' and said 'yaad hai woh rod' as 'yaad hai woh road' confusing the audience a bit.

in the meanwhile, these heroines are giving me a complex. all of them are helpful, kind, sweet, dutiful, peppy, spunky, beautiful, good dancers, lively.....abbe! bas bhi karo yaar! don't they ever get mood swings, bad hair days, or boils?


Anonymous said...

I am an avid film buff. I saw both the movies. I liked RNBDJ and thought it was outstanding. The plus points are
1. Great acting by SRK, Anushka and SRK's friend.
2. Good script. Good dialogues. That bit about macho was great. SRK asks very innocently whether it is a part of the motorcycle. I liked the way SRK calls his wife Tanni-ji and she calls him Suri-ji.
3. Good dancing. But then when SRK is around what else can you expect. The heroine also danced very well.
4. No family members Mother, sister, in-laws to complicate the matters
About Gajni I have no comments. I thought the movie was gross and very violent. I have no comments about the script or the story though I thought both were pathetic.

Anonymous said...

i thoght both were gay

Gauravi Gikwad said...

nice review yaar.. full marks!!! to you an srk !!

Rheaa said...

thanks gauravi!!!! i love SRK!!! [we both do! :P]
[why is ur surname spelt as gikwad btw?]

viju doddamma said...

hi, sweetie u hve penned ur thoughts so beautifully wish i was 1/2 as good has u.true the character suri in RNBDJ was v.adorable & cute i think every every man on this earth could identify with suri .(ur doddappa's age). just kidding.
the other movie Gajni what can i say about Aamir, fantastic.
i would give u 10/10 a big thumbs up. ur parents will definitely be proud of u, as they hve loved u unconditionally.so follow ur dreams but, few of us hve the grit to chase our dreams to reality. may ur tribe increase ...luv u baby.

Rheaa said...

thank you viju doddamma! [but what's with 'may ur tribe increase'? lol!]