21 Aug 2007


I'm sorry I didn't write for sooooo long. There wasn't any time to apologize while writing my previous entry, so I'm doing so now. I was terribly busy participating in the Youth Leaders Summit and CMUN [Cathedral Model United Nations] and had tests and assignments to give up. I'm writing my debut novel, 'Jyran7x' which I have been working on for a year. I made millions of drafts and even junked hundred pages of it because I wasn't happy with what I've written. But no regrets, as Roald Dahl says, "A writer who is happy with his first draft is in big trouble". Finally the idea has matured and I've managed to cover up several loopholes. Here's the first few lines of it. You may be confused and curious after you read the excerpt, but I promise you, the novel will be power packed. There is a foward which I'm not including in the excerpt. Please read it when it comes out......

Chapter 1- I almost get split into a hundred pieces

The sky was a sick mixture of blue and pink. The numbers were still asleep but the wind flew silently pushing an old rusty board. On the board was carved [in pale, yellow, thin words] ‘THE HOUSE OF LOUTAL.’ The sign pointed to a cluster of wild bushes. The wind ‘wooohed’ sheepishly and pushed its way through the bushes. They opened up, revealing a triangle shaped house perched on a long tower.

The tower had no windows, only a single red door. Behind the door lay a winding staircase. The staircase stopped midway, and if you weren’t alert, you’d probably fall of, into a glittering pool right beneath. From the ceiling there hung a thick rope. To the left of the rope was a large triangular door. A neat one, with ten latches under it and a large, grotesque door knob, about the size of a cauliflower, right at the top.

An eerie shadow stepped out of the pool, where she was praying to the number god, PHI.
The PHI looked queer. It had a tiny pony on the top of its head, representing ‘1.’ It had a long trunk descending, [‘1’ again] ending with a squiggly ‘6.’ Its two eyes represented 8. Just below its pony was large dot, PHI’s third eye which was believed to have the equation of every numberling.
An equation was a simple sentence which told volumes about the past, present and future of a numberling.
A pair of emerald green eyes glittered with tears in the dark as it saw a tall, dark, muscular number, with almond eyes, a rounded nose and a large crater on his cheek. A large crater on his cheek! That was definitely him! After twenty-two long years she was seeing him at last!

Then she blinked back her tears, she had to be tough, she had to keep this a secret, for his sake……


Aish said...

I would buy it if it's ever published. But then do I get a free copy? :)
It was nice.

Nithya said...

yea, i wanna free copy. remember i listened to ur story on da train?? It was so AWESOME!! You musta been thinking bout it for a longgg time... i remember u told me the while story... on the way back from sla. that was fun! especially when jignesh and samir were having that convo in the bus, and we were sitting together. remember?

doublefaced said...

Certainly an intriguing concept! You're characterizing numbers... that's an original and new idea... no cliches rule your imagination, I can tell!
I should dislike you since you've just given just a tiny bit of your story and no more, since I actually want to know what happens next... you're causing suspense! Update fast, please, maybe with more sneak peeks into this promisingly interesting book??? Great job so far though!