19 Aug 2007

past, present, future

this is my first double meaning poem on pratyahara, controlling of the senses. its very english-literature types. i hope everyone understands it-

I press my nose against the grills,
Listening to the sound the city fills
I gaze and gaze at the world ahead,
Wondering which way I will head,

The city seems like a 3-tier cake,
The chocolaty one I just baked,
The first morsel--my past,
Seemed so simple and pure,
But I didn't pay it much heed,
I just devoured,
Waiting for the second morsel--
Black and rich,
As enticing as stories on a wizard and a witch,
I head for it,
In disappointment I grumble,
It tastes as dusty as rubble...

I look forward to the next piece
Which, I resolved,
I will sit quietly and eat.
The last piece- promising and bright,
Wholesome and light....

And when I go, and reach for it
My present calls with enticing smells
Which beckons me closer and closer,
I greedily take one spicy bite,
I don't know if this is right,
But my heart and stomach aches
For THAT last piece of cake
Instead of the chutney, I just ate...
I must control my senses before it’s too late
Or I’ll enjoy neither the chutney nor the cake

1 comment:

oishika said...

rheaa, i love your poem! you r born full of talent in all ways (even finishing my box)(kiddin)i love you imagination...