21 Dec 2006

HARI ( my two year old adorable pup)

"Groan!" all my friends would say when they visit my blog. "Hari is the only thing you can talk about!" [ my exasperated bus friends have threatened to beat me up if I continue to talk about him.]

But, since I have no sibling and I'm still a child with a lot of imagination, Hari is my only companion at home. He seldom barks. He emotes only with his expressions. His ears cock up, his eyes become small, emphasizing his huge, wet, billowing nose. yes! he's quite, but he seems to say a lot, and believe me, its fun making up dialogues for poor Hari when he's busy making funny faces. Then, again, he'd be awfully annoying if he knew how to speak [ more annoying and idiotic than he already is, that is]

Anyway, the short story you'll read bellow is the shortest thing Ive ever written about Hari. Its good those competition holders set a word limit, or else me and the other dog lunatics could have gone on and on....

“Butter eyes, brownie skin, chocolate nose” is what I call him sometimes. His eyes are gleaming black and they shiver like soft butter hit by cyclone when anyone leaves. He stands with his soft golden- brown hair held tightly in a small tuft at the center of his chest; his black- chocolate nose billowed with pain and anguish as you dart towards the exit. That’s my two year old pup Hari, a total joker. He slips, slides and pulls the very cloth he’s standing on! He is a sight for sore eyes.

He’s a thief. He’ll steal anything from onions to undergarments and give it back in exchange for biscuits and kisses.

Once, he jumped up and snatched a cricket ball from a few panic-stricken boys. He strutted all over Sion with it, in great pride! He proudly marked his territory [peed] with the ball still in his mouth. He looked so comfortable with it, that a few stopped to stare at him, wondering if that ‘thing’ in his mouth was some sort of abnormal growth!

He then sniffed around to find a dry spot to poo [incidentally, he found one near the gates of a very posh building]. We finally got the upper hand; we realized that the poor boy would break his teeth if he held the ball firmly while applying pressure. He realized that too and… gave up!

I gave him a sly glace and grabbed the ball from near his feet. I threw it back at the boys, who were too tempted to throw it at Hari again and see his reaction…and they did! They never saw their ball again!


David said...

How about a photo of Hari?

Rheaa said...

i will put one.

-tolerable,tolkien-like teen

Anonymous said...

Hari is beautiful , but he scared me when first I saw him,

Anonymous said...

Hello Rheaa,
I enjoyed my India trip last year and I was a bit scared of Hari, but he is a handsome dog,
Neha Manikal

Anonymous said...

rheaa ur dog is so cute...:D:D:D he is soo adorable.

Rheaa said...

Hari IS a handsome, cute, adorable dog. i'm glad all of you think so too. he'll be delighed to get such response from young girls.D:

-tolerable,tolkien-like teen

Deesha said...

Hey Rhea!! I havent talked to you in forever!! I really love this piece about Hari. He was sooo cute when I met him the first time... and im sure he still is!! tell your mom i also said hi. =) =D ♥

Anonymous said...

damn cute picture of that handsome young fellow hari gone on you guess who am i? oishika.

Rheaa said...

do i look like a dog? or do i look cute? hahahaha! just kidding oishika!
hari is gloating over the compliments he gets through my blog!

-tolerable, tolkien-like teen

Anonymous said...

Hari is adorable. What does he do? How does he keep himself fit? Walking regularly is a must for Labradors. Do you have a good vet for him?

Abdullah said...

dude hari must get a life!!!!just jokin

AANSHIKA said...

christ hari is sooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!<3

i have a puppy too, but a cocker spaniel<3: Chloe<3