21 Dec 2006


This is a love story, but not an old, soppy, ordinary one. it involves a pair of lenses, a very proud crazy ball, a drain and an old mansion. I wrote this about 6 months back.....

Oh! The excitement when I was first put into my mistress’s eye. I was placed on the tip of her finger, and I immediately melted into a great, scary, black ball. My twin sister, Gitanjali, however, hesitated, toppled twice; and tested our owner’s patience to the maximum flexibility.

I’m sixteen now [a week old in the human world], I’m pretty, mature and strong [and adamant] I’m quite content with the eye and the spa [lens box] I’m kept in. I feast on pretty sights and lens solution [a delightful drink for lenses to beat the heat.] But one thing has changed my life forever. On Friday, my mistress was attending her classes, [Gitanjali and me are respected and praised there], when a small blue-green crazy ball hit her nose. She looked angry and humiliated when everyone laughed at her. Her nose became bulbous, like a male crocodile. Everyone laughed…except me. I was in love with this handsome crazy-ball! There was something about his speed, his confidence, his style that mesmerized me. The life that I was content with, now seemed fruitless and boring.

I uneasily shifted to corner. The eye watered, “ What do you think you are doing, miss? Barked the eyeball, “ Not once has your sister failed to perform her duty! And you? Don’t you have concern for your mistress?” he scolded me.
“Like hot fudge on a sundae, like dew on the rose petals so bright, I pine for my love, my handsome lord” I said, romantically.
“ And, who, I pray, is your love?” he asked, mockingly.
“ Dressed in blue and green armor, he hit our mistress gallantly, just a few minutes ago”
“ Gallantly? As if he was defending a nation! Gallantly! Huh! He was very haughty, and I suggest that you pay attention to your work, rather than pining for that idiot.”
I fell silent. There was no use of arguing with that stupidly stubborn eyeball, I thought. He is wrong and I am right! I went back to work, secretly resolving to run away tonight. I twinkled in excitement for the whole evening, though I was aware that it was troubling my mistress, who kept dabbing her eye every five minutes.
9:00 pm- dinner was done with, 10:00pm- I was going to be put in the spa. I impatiently moved from my place, I couldn’t wait THAT long! I took a deep breath… held on to the eyelashes and slowly crept out of my mistress’s eye and fell on to the floor. I moved slowly…if I were caught sneaking out, I would be put back into the lens box, for a few more tiring weeks. I floated on the smooth floor… oh! It was wonderful to be FREE! I hesitantly slipped down the drain…I had to go through a lot of tests to reach my true love!

The drain was dark, and hollow. It was stinking to the high seas. There was a very tiny outlet for me to get out. I saw a great finger feeling for me. Equipped with a torch and a frown, my mistress and her family searched for me, but in vain. I slid down the dirty pipe. “Aaagh” I screamed seeing a shimmery thing floating in the dirty water.
A pair of friendly eyes stared at me, “Hello, I’m Jahraan, who are you?”
“An-jali” I whispered, “Have you come in search of me?”
“ Great heavens, no!” he said, “I’m a runaway lens, like you. I’ve been living here for a long time. But, where are you off too, Anjali?”
I told him that I was trying to search for a drain leading to the first floor in Darbangha Mansion, to meet my love.
“I can take you there. I’m familiar with all the routes in this drain,” he said. He took me to my destination. Through the way we came across many perils, but he pulled me out of them. He saved me from a pair of grubby worms, a sharp needle and carried me across when the waters were very murky. Within a day I reached the abode of my love. “There you go,” he said sadly, helping me get out of the drain. “Thank you,” I said, delighted.

The rest was very easy. I slipped across many bathrooms and bedrooms, and there he was! My love! Bouncing up and down. I made my way towards him, ready to confess my love. He didn’t make an effort to stop; he just bounced over me to the other room. Attention seeking brat! I thought, but followed him nevertheless.

“My sweet love. My dear pretty one! I cannot say how much I love you. Do you love me, my dear?” he said. I was filled with happiness. Just then, a green marble rolled towards him, trampling me. “Oh! Yes my lord, I love you. But, if you want to be with me forever, you must roll, like me, and not bounce like an overexcited rabbit” she laughed, moving close to him. They moved away happily.

I felt lost, and empty. The eyeball was right. He was not worthy of my love. I couldn’t go back to my mistress, she wouldn’t recognize me. I made my way down the drain, reluctantly “ Hello” a very familiar voice said, “ Did you find him?” It was Jahraan! I told him my story. “What are you doing here?” I asked him, inquisitively. “ I just wanted to say, that… I love you,” he said, blushing. I looked at him, with joy. I felt a deep attachment towards him. My true friend… he was my soulmate…my true love. I gave him a tight hug. We lived together for many years, exploring new drains, new houses, living independently. I realized that everyone has a soulmate, but just doesn’t recognize him/her. The crazy ball loved the lady marble, and she loved him back. If it hadn’t been for him…if he hadn’t rejected me, I would have never found my true love…


Anonymous said...


I read about lost lenses and found it amazing. You have a vivid imagination. Great. You seem to be destined for greater things. Can not imagine a 13 year old writing such stuff.

Anonymous said...


Rheaa said...


i love personifying abstract objects.

most of my friends tease me about this story saying,
"don't trust Rheaa with your memory stick, she may write a love story between a memory stick and a PLANT, for all you know!"

i'm glad both of you liked my story!

-tolerable,tolkien-like teen

Aish said...

For all I know, you are perfectly capable of doing just that! :)
A good story- but I think I missed some of the main details...